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When faced with severe flooding or substantial water damage, the situation may feel insurmountable. But remember, you’re not alone in this crisis. Your dependable ally during such tough times is Retro Restoration LLC, a professional water damage restoration specialist catering to residential and commercial properties alike. No matter if it’s a residential property, an office building, or a retail store in Middleton, ID, or the greater Treasure Valley area, we are prepared for prompt response. Recognizing the urgency of water damage scenarios, our dedicated team is equipped to arrive at your location within 30 minutes to an hour, commencing rapid water extraction and initiating the water damage cleanup procedure.

Our water removal technicians can quickly:

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What Our Clients Say...

After a leak in our kitchen, we met with an insurance suggested company andRetro Restoration, ultimately choosing Retro because of the attention to our concerns. From the very beginning, Rick walked us through every step, was incredibly helpful, and kept up with regular communication. Carson and others on the Retro team did a fabulous remodel of our kitchen. We had a few pivots along the way that they were always receptive and accommodating about. After cooking in here for a week, we are so happy with the final outcome and very thankful for all the work from Retro Restoration. Highly recommend them for any restoration or remodeling needs!
When I had a shower leak in between my walls of course I was devastated. I called Roto Rooter and they recommended Retro Restoration for the build back portion of the project. Now I can see why they recommended them.Rick was the project manager and after a couple times interacting with him it felt like talking to an old friend. From the very beginning he was kind, extremely knowledgeable, and professional. He was always updating me on how things were going and responded very quickly with any questions that I had. I didn’t meet any other people working on my house, but every time I would check on the progress I was always amazed at the craftsmanship and how clean they would leave my house during the process; which you can imagine is not easy to do when there’s demolition involved.I am so happy with how everything turned out. You can tell everyone at that company takes pride in their work, and are very skilled at what they do. If you choose Retro Restoration your mind will be at ease knowing that your home will turn out fabulous after everything is completed. I highly suggest using this company!
We’ve had a nightmare with plumbing issues the last year so these guys have been at our house several times now. They have always been great, but this time, Carson went above and beyond for us. First of all, my #1 thing for anyone coming into our home, he was friendly, understanding, and respectful of our pets, making sure doors were closed so the cats couldn’t get out. Then, he not only did everything he needed to get the job done, but he also made sure our house was a home again. He re-hung the shower curtain rod, put the above-the-toilet shelving unit back behind the toilet, replaced the toilet paper holder, moved the stacking washer/dryer to vacuum up drywall that fell behind it, moved it back so I could put my skinny shelves back on the side of the w/d, made a little box to hide a pipe in the closet, fixed a couple of paint issues (someone else’s job), cleaned up paint and drywall mud that someone else left, rehung the door, and then cleaned up the garage so you wouldn’t even know all the mess that was in there. I hope I never need a restoration job done again, but if we do, we are calling Retro and asking them to send Carson over.
Our drain system overflowed onto our laundry room floor, through the walls, and into the bathroom below. Retro Restoration responded immediately with very tidy, professional, and friendly mitigation activity and turned our rebuild around on a tight schedule! Thank you!
We had a leak under our kitchen sink that developed in the spring of 2023 that destroyed our kitchen. Retro Restoration took immmediate action to demolish, expose and dry out the structure. They regularly monitored the progress and only when it was drier than industry standard did they begin restoration efforts. They communicated with our claims adjuster, and accurately advised us on the process (our first ever claim). Their employees and sub-contractors are very professional, personable, communicative, respectful and highly skilled. We would highly recommend Retro Restoration to handle your restoration project. We are very happy with the finished product. Special thanks to our Project Manager Brian, whose coordination and communication was invaluable in keeping the project on track and moving forward. Also, special thanks to Carpenters Kylie and Carson for your excellent work and communication.
Our 64 year-old house sprung a leak in a half-bathroom shower, which led to damage to the bathroom and two additional rooms in the basement. We met with Dan from Retro Restoration in July and he provided an excellent evaluation taking careful notes about what he could see. All steps from mitigation, demo, reconstruction and finish work were handled with great care. The staff set up materials to protect our carpeting and flooring. We worked with Dennis, Brian and Rick to keep apprised of everything that was going on. We were pleased to work with Carson who did excellent carpentry work and kept us up to date on details that could have been easily overlooked. The sheetrock installer, Matt, provided excellent work and blended finish work on a portion of the ceiling in the basement, matching the patterns from the original work. The tile guys, George and Ishmael, also did supreme work. At our expense, we bought a new toilet, a vanity, and plumbing and paid a plumber to replace galvanized piping and do the hookups. We learned much, including that home insurance doesn't cover plumbing. The staff kept us up to date on a daily basis. We provided snacks to the staff because we were so appreciative of their work. We recommend Retro Restoration for that company's work, professionalism and patience in dealing with us.
My front hall closet was damaged when my water heater failed. Rick and Carson did a great job in restoring it. Carson treated my closet like it was the most important room in the house! I am very pleased with the results.
They were quick, kind, professional, and did an amazing job! Thanks Brian, Rick, & Carson.
The team was great, very professional and courteous, they were aware of the stress these events can cause and made sure to minimize the impact on our living space. Rick was always prompt with communication and ensured the job was done correctly. Kylie was on time, and went above and beyond with ensuring the derails were taken care of and was able to make the space look better than it did before. Marcos completed the sheet rock and was very quick and professional and completed that portion with minimal disruption and dust into the adjoining space. Definitely use this company to avoid any hassles or time issues and you wont be sorry.

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Exceptional Precision to Detail

Regardless of the flooding source – a pipe burst, heavy rain, or a natural disaster – our Middleton water damage team is available 24/7 to provide swift and effective water extraction services. We are devoted to offering an unparalleled service level, marked by meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment. We comprehend the extensive nature of water damage and will ceaselessly work until your property is fully restored, and your life regains its normal pace. The significance of thorough water damage cleanup in Middleton, ID, is of the utmost importance, ensuring all aspects of water damage are meticulously addressed and entirely eradicated. As an IICRC Certified company, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment, adhering to all site-specific standards and regulations.

Why Choose Retro Restoration?

A Myriad of Services Under One Roof

At Retro Restoration LLC, we aim to provide a holistic solution to your Middleton water damage concerns. Our team oversees every step of the restoration process, from initial damage assessment and remediation to support with insurance procedures. Our vast experience in liaising with insurance companies prepares us to help you navigate the often complex claims process, steering you towards a successful claim and smooth restoration or rebuilding project. Our primary goal is to provide a solution that addresses your immediate concerns and also aligns with your insurance company’s requirements, establishing a mutually advantageous agreement.

With a cumulative experience of 30 years in providing water damage services in Middleton, ID, our team boasts unparalleled expertise and knowledge in managing various water damage scenarios. This experience allows us to perform the restoration work as promised, ensuring a smooth transition from a water damage crisis to normalcy. We value transparency and ensure our customers are updated at every step. Moreover, we respect your time and work tirelessly to adhere to the schedule.

Restoration & Rebuilding

Retro Restoration is not only skilled in performing complete water damage cleanup, but we are also licensed and trained to execute comprehensive rebuilding services. Our team consists of proficient technicians and craftspeople experienced in a multitude of residential and commercial spaces, offering a full range of water damage repair services for your Middleton property. We can refurbish and remodel a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, workspaces, warehouses, churches, and more.

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Addressing Water Damage in Basements and Crawlspaces

Understanding the susceptibility of basements and crawlspaces to water damage, we offer specialized cleanup services for these areas. Basement water damage in Middleton, ID, is a common issue experienced by many homeowners, requiring expert handling for effective water extraction and thorough cleanup. After eliminating all water damage traces, we work to restore your basement or crawlspace to its original condition, taking measures to prevent potential future issues like mold growth.

Frozen and Burst Water Pipe Cleanup

The risk of frozen pipe water damage and burst pipes increases significantly as it gets colder. At Retro Restoration, we specialize in comprehensive frozen pipe water cleanup and burst pipe repair services. Experiencing a frozen pipe burst can be overwhelming, but our team is equipped to handle every aspect of the situation, from the initial burst water pipe cleanup to the final repairs.

We understand the urgency of addressing burst pipes in winter and are committed to restoring your property swiftly and efficiently. Our expertise extends to repairing any broken pipe water damage, ensuring that your space is returned to its pre-damage condition. Trust us for reliable and effective burst water pipe repair and cleanup services, and let us help you navigate the challenges of winter weather with confidence.

Professional Sewage Damage Cleanup Services

Our expertise also covers sewage damage cleanup, a particularly challenging type of water damage. Sewage backups in Middleton can lead to considerable property damage and pose significant health hazards. We provide rapid and comprehensive cleanup services, using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure your space is safe, clean, and ready for use again.

Swift Response to Water Damage Cleanup

As soon as you greenlight a restoration plan, our Middleton team promptly leaps into action. We will immediately commence the water damage repair and restoration process, working tirelessly to mitigate further damage and inconvenience. Retro Restoration LLC takes pride in being your dependable, trusted, and committed water damage restoration service provider. For more information about our flood cleanup and other services, or to request a complimentary estimate, feel free to reach out to us today!

We provide services throughout Middleton ID, including 83644.

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